ARP is strongly committed the goal of sustainable development. We believe in informed political will, multi-stakeholder consultation, shared benefits that can be brought about through capacity building, transparent and accountable action on the part of all in a way to deliver results at every level of society.

We are fully aware that sustainability in any field is built on processes for communicating, learning, and sharing knowledge, engaging people in their multiple roles as individuals, and as members of communities and organizations; therefore calls for holistic approaches and a renewed learning process for all. Individuals, communities and organizations need to understand the intertwined relations between different phenomena in a period of globalization with a focus on local characteristics.

In all our work we search for ways to deliver services to provide long-term benefits and sustainable results by strengthening individuals, institutions and enterprises and societies as a whole.

Therefore, our services aiming at social and economic development are always based on a holistic approach and tailored to local and specific needs and designed as a learning process that would empower and enable the target groups to cope with the challenges in the face of rapid change, deteriorating environment which brings prosperity in some ways but is also accompanied by poverty and hostility for many.

We focus our efforts to ensure constructive communication and interaction to make the most of available resources in a manner to produce the maximum results through promoting partnerships, participatory decision making and effective coordination.