ARP has a special focus on the needs, rights and roles of citizens who are faced with challenges in terms of full participation in the economy, society and family livelihoods, whether for gender, class, geographical, ethnicity, disability or other reasons.

Based on a strong believe that development can only effectively contribute to poverty alleviation, social equality and economic growth, if it is as inclusive as possible.

ARP and its wider network of experts, has considerable knowledge base and experience in ensuring gender equality and social inclusion:

  • TA for Supporting the Municipalities of Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Erzurum, and Sanliurfa for the Solution of Economic and Social Integration Problem of internal migrants.
    • Management of institutional and human capacity development component
    • Supervision of the Training Needs Assessment targeting service providers with a strong emphasis on building capacity on strategic planning for social and economic inclusion of disadvantaged groups.
    • Development of the governance framework to facilitate public-civil-private partnerships.
    • Concept development of the situation assessment study under the Strategic Planning component.
    • Supervision of the formulation of pilot projects aiming at providing guidance for the use of social assistance services as well as vocational training and skills training for the disadvantaged populations, using a strong gender focus.
  • Technical Assistance Project on Internal Migration Mitigation and Social Integration in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa (IGEP)
    • Participation in the development of the methodology for data analysis and presentation
    • Compilation of four comprehensive databases (one per city) using national socio-economic data and survey results
    • Preparation a report based upon the comparison of TUIK 2000 variables and results of the field survey with a view to describe the changes in time and reflecting on the possible causes
    • Preparation of GIS maps related to supply of public services in the four cities using the available information to be supplied by the cities.
    • Preparation of a report interpreting the differences and similarities between the socio-economic characteristics of the project cities
    • Identify criteria for possible locations (neighbourhoods) for community centres best serving the needs of the target group
  • TA for Economic and Social Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Van Province
    • Assisting women as prospective beneficiaries of the micro-grant scheme to start up their own business.
    • Conducting a qualitative Research and Gap Analysis to allow an overall assessment of the current situation in Van in terms of provision of services for IDPs as well as the use of those services by IDPs with the view to develop a governance model and to provide input to planning the implementation of capacity building, grant scheme implementation, training to improve the employability of IDPs (literacy, computer skills, entrepreneurship and vocational training) and communication activities and also to establish a baseline to allow the monitoring of project’s progress.
    • Conducting a Training Needs Assessment for the capacity building of service providers, including CSOs providing services to IDPs, and drafting the training program to respond to the assessed needs.
    • Preparing the end of project Observation Report and Exit Strategy, including actions and activities for further training and capacity building using an on-line survey and interviews with the final beneficiaries of the project. Design and conduct a survey and gap analysis as part of the inception period to tailor the implementation to meet the needs of target groups and beneficiaries
    • Coordinate the vocational and skill training activities of a total of 2000 IDPs in Van through registration of trainees, monitoring of trainees and trainees attendance, and evaluation of the quality of training activities.
  • TA for Coordination and Training for Employment Project – İSKEP
    • Coordination facilitation of project activities (employment services, training of service providers in the SSEGU (Social Services, Employment and Guidance Unit), information dissemination and awareness building) in Van, as one of the pilot Municipalities through:
    • Support SSEGU staff to prepare work-plans, conduct guidance and counseling services and one-to-one coaching for disadvantaged people, in a context of side-by-side advice to SSSEGU and municipality staffs for 
establishing contacts with service providers under the line ministries.
    • Participate in collection and compilation of for the project’s data bases, especially the data base of institutional service providers at field level together with the SSEGU staff
    • Participation in the process of cooperation in signing protocols with Public Training Centres of 
MoNE through visiting stakeholders and networking.
  • TA for Capacity Building of Municipalities on Child Friendly Cities TA for Capacity Building of Municipalities on Child Friendly Cities.
    • Preparing the baseline study of the partner cities in terms of child-friendly criteria
    • Designing and delivering training and coaching assistance to municipalities to adopt the Child Friendly Cities approach to realize the rights of children
    • Development of a fully-fledged Child Friendly Strategy, costing and an M&E system.
    • Training youth volunteers as trainers to assist the municipalities to assess the situation of children in their jurisdiction using standard tools developed within the framework of the program.
    • Conducting research to assess the needs of the municipalities to provide services for the refugees.
    • Preparing training content on child rights, child labour and child marriages and early childhood services both with high impact on gender equality
  • Project development and implementation training for the prospective grant beneficiaries within the framework Grant Schemes implemented by Regional Development Agencies in the NUTS II regions of Eastern Anatolia, İzmir, Western Mediterranean, Eastern Marmara, Dicle using PCM and LF approach
  • Technical Support to Women’s Cooperatives funded by Citibank
    • Facilitation of strategic planning workshops for grassroots women cooperatives