ARP strongly believes in the importance of monitoring and evaluation to produce outputs, achieve results, create impact and work towards ensuring sustainability. Whenever possible, ARP assumes and active role during the inception period to establish the baseline, then during the terminal phase to assess the progress and prepare a sustainability strategy.

While delivering their services ARP experts, some of whom has extensive monitoring and evaluation experience, have a strong focus on ensuring progress towards the achievement of results and to identify early signs of impact for on-going projects as well as impact after the project is completed.

  • TA for Capacity Building of Municipalities on Child Friendly Cities
    • Development of a fully-fledged Child Friendly Strategy, costing and an M&E system.
  • TA for IPA II (2014-2020) – Support to Preparations for IPA II.
    • Revision of the NIPAC Secretariat Manual Chapter E – Monitoring and Evaluation in line with IPA II requirements and specifying in detail NIPAC responsibilities in overseeing and co-ordinating these functions in respect to Operating
  • TA to Support the Monitoring Actions Financed under the Facility for Refugees in Turkey.
    • Development and implementation of a methodology for results based reporting routine monitoring missions of actions.