In the 21st century economic geography has joined the disciplines and the focus of regional development is more on the spatial dynamics of regions – as places to live, work and invest. The focus for the discipline is just as much on people as drivers of regional development as regional development agencies and firms.

ARP’s work on regional development focus on human and social capital, innovation and the spatial dynamics – demographic change – as key components how communities are challenged to respond the pressures from a global economy – competition and the need to construct advantage in regional economies.

Tourism Development:

  • TA for Mardin Sustainable Tourism Development Plan
    • Conducting Analytical Studies and Exploratory Research for benchmarking
    • Value-chain analysis for Tourism
    • Development of a Tourism Strategy
    • Preparation of Action Plans for Tourism Development
    • Preparatory work to for the development of the Mardin Tourism Portal
  • Rehabilitation of heritage areas in tourism attraction areas in Şanlıurfa
  • Osmaniye Tourism Strategy and Action Plan for 2019-2023 (2018)

Business Development:

  • Technical Assistance for the Establishment of Osmaniye Enterprise Development Centre (Osmaniye İŞGEM) under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP)
    • Regional analysis on entrepreneurial potential and opportunities
    • Value chain analysis for Agriculture, Manufacturing
    • Preparation of a Business Plan Improvement Programme and identifying/selecting the business plans to be improved
    • Providing informative and guidance services to potential entrepreneurs
    • Deliver Business start-up trainings to the entrepreneurs
  • TA for Establishment of Sivas Enterprise Development Center under the Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP)
    • Value chain analysis for Manifacturing
    • Development of the Business Plan and service delivery provision from Sivas İŞGEM
  • TA for Establishment of Common Use Facility for Pistachio Processing in Siirt under Regional Competitiveness Operational Programme (RCOP)
    • Conducting a business diagnostic study through a comprehensive assessment of core functions of SMEs (i.e management, manufacturing, operations, logistics, marketing, finance etc.) in Siirt and neighbouring provinces (Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman, Kahramanmaraş and Kilis).
    • Conducting a Training Needs Assessment for SMEs.
  • Increase of Exports in the Manufacturing of other Means of Transport and Parts of The Sector (URGE)
    • Preparation of Needs Assessment Report